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Acting and the Biz: An Introduction
Veteran actor, director, producer Tony Sears brings to this Intensive his experiences from years of working in the industry in Los Angeles. In this one-day, 5-hour course, we will focus on what it means to be a professional actor. We will talk about what makes a good headshot, review resumes and discuss how to handle an audition or interview. We will focus on cold reads for Television and Film....

Acting for Film
This beginning to advanced beginning acting for film class is the most popular class in our Film series. The instructor focuses on achieving a naturalistic acting style through honesty and vulnerability. The emphasis is on energy, personal power, personality and enjoyment. The students work will be explored through improvisation and scene study from film and television scripts with some...

Acting for Film II
This class naturally follows Acting for Film I but is also open to those who have had some previous acting training or experience. In addition to the work done in the previous session, this class will work to improve concentration, incorporate props, blocking, and matching action into your scene work.

Acting II
This pre-intermediate course is great for students who have had some previous experience or who have been away from acting for awhile. Students will practice scene study and/or monologue work. Focus will be on strengthening scene breakdown, listening and responding to one's scene partner and following one's inner impulses. Additionally, students will explore their imaginative responses...

Advanced Musical Theatre Intensive
This musical theatre intensive will provide a rigorous, eighteen-hour workshop experience for advanced participants. Our work will center primarily on each student's existing rep and be conducted in master class format; additional topics covered will be determined by the needs and desires of the class as a whole. We'll focus on musical theatre-specific vocal technique and methods for...

Beginning Acting for Film & Stage
Our most popular class series! A gentle approach conducive to the beginner, this class will focus predominantly on scene study for film and stage. Learn how to establish meaningful and honest relationships through the art of active listening and responding. Learn the tools necessary to be believable. Develop your imaginative capacities, unleash your creative impulses, deepen your intuition, and...

Creativity of Acting for Film and Stage
This is a beginning to advanced beginning class that focuses on delineating the function of left and right hemispheres of the brain for the purpose of strengthening ones acting. Imagination exercises, improvisation and cold reading from stage and film scripts will be used to access creative and intuitive responses. The hope is to free the actor from the left-brain chatter in the moment of acting.

Dialect Training for Film & Stage
In the fall were offering Southern, (great for films shot in and around Texas), and French. Spring will be Russian and British and the Summer, Brooklynese and Scottish. Instructor Mj Vandivier, practicing certified Lessac teacher, encourages actors to not only speak well, but also have the ability to step into a variety of accents whenever they are asked to do so. The Lessac approach to...

Film Acting for the Professional Actor
This pros only class is for actors who are actively auditioning. Being a professional actor means that you are committed to doing your best and are ready to go! In this class actors will have the opportunity to refine the necessary skills for success by improving their film acting technique and cold reading skills, gaining greater ease in the audition environment, becoming more familiar with...

Foundations of Singing
This course provides an introduction to vocal technique for the beginning to advanced-beginning singer. Throughout our six class meetings, students will have the opportunity to sing both individually and as part of a group. This class is ideal for anyone who desires to gain a foundational knowledge of singing, including stage and film actors. Students are encouraged to focus on the musical styles...

Improvisation for the Actor
This class is for actors who are looking to sharpen their improvisation skills or improvisors who are interested in acting. This class will take students through exercises focusing on being in the moment, finding the depth in a scene, and creating seamless chemistry with your scene partner. Students will work on using improvisation for auditions, while developing fluid and seamless characters...

Intermediate Film
This class focuses on achieving a naturalistic acting style through honesty and vulnerability. The emphasis is on energy, personal power, personality and enjoyment. The students work will be explored through improvisation and scene study from film and television scripts with some videotaping and playback for critique. Prerequisite: Must have previous training or experience.

Introduction to Improvisation
This class is for students of all levels who are ready to have fun and explore their creative side! Learn the fundamentals of improvisation. The class' interactive exercises build listening and communication skills, heighten awareness and teach you how to be more playful, spontaneous and flexible. Learn improvisation exercises for performance or rehearsals that teach you how to think on the...

Rolling! Acting for the Camera
Actors learn to deal with the technical demands of working in front of the camera while delivering natural and honest performances, become more familiar with on-set etiquette, and learn how to successfully incorporate direction. Weekly taping and playback with evaluation. Some previous acting experience required. This is a great class to take on an ongoing basis. This class is appropriate for...

Speaking Voice 101 and Radio Theater Experience
We have expanded our Voice 101 Class to incorporate the artistry of creating the Radio Theatre Experience. The last 2 classes of the session will focus on recreating a broadcast studio. We will cast, rehearse & record the performances of voice students in a drama or comedy radio show from the archives of Classic Radio Theatre. An actors voice is one of their most important tools discover how you...

Taping Your Audition
Veteran actor, director, producer Tony Sears brings to this workshop his experience from years of working in the industry in Los Angeles and regionally. In this one-day, 5-hour course, the focus will be on Self-taped Auditions for the working actor. As more and more projects shoot outside of Los Angeles, taped auditions are becoming the norm. Participants will work on how to "slate," and tape an...

Teen Acting for Film
he emphasis of this two-day teen workshop is acting for film/ commercials. Learn how to develop characters and create relationships. The students will explore their work through improvisation, imagination work, and monologue/scene study from film and television scripts with some videotaping and playback for critique. Please bring a lunch that does not require refrigeration. Ages 11-16.

The Physics of Acting
A performance happens when actors exchange energy. Whether it's for film or stage, if that basic piece of Physics doesn't happen, no audience in the world will respond. Tired of watching people "act" at each other This class examines the possibilities of honest performances, carefully crafted with subtextual choices. Learn how to create your own performance, without help from anyone,...


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