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Agriculture Courses

Beekeeping 101
his is an introduction to the art of beekeeping, with an emphasis on Natural, Organic practices. All students will emerge with enough information and hands on knowledge to start a colony of bees, and resources for answering questions that will arise as a result of beekeeping through the year. We will spend part of our time in the classroom, with a significant portion being hands on...

Fruit Tree Production for Central Texas
This course will introduce the basic concepts of fruit tree selection, planting and care as appropriate for Central Texas. Topics will include varieties, pruning and training methods, and pest management. Emphasis will be placed on organic production methods.

Horticultural Soils
A study of the physical properties of soil including structure and texture. Topics include the origin and development of soils, the composition of soil horizon, and the interrelationship between soil fertility and plants. Emphasis will be placed on different methods for soil conservation and soil building practices in sustainable agriculture. There will be opportunities for hands on activities...

Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture
This course will survey local agricultural pests, including weeds and diseases and their impact on crops in Central Texas. Emphasis will be placed on building and maintaining healthy soil, plant and insect biological cycles as key to ecological pest control. The course will focus on identification of pest problem and sustainable methods of integrated pest management including cultural,...

Propogation for the Small Farm
This course will introduce the basics of greenhouse transplant propagation for annual specialty, flower and herb crop production from seed to field plant out. Topics covered will include seedling development, greenhouse management, resources and typical farm greenhouse systems.


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