BSKX 3029 - Basic Writing Skills Course

An introductory course that provides basic writing skills (hard copy and e-mail communication), helps with developing simple documents such as memos, letters, simple reports, complaints, and brief summaries. Provides guidance to participants with basic organization and sentence structure when communicating in writing.

ENGX 4007 - Beginning Creative Writing

Instruction in literary writing: prose, poetry, screenwriting and drama. Topics may vary. Possible markets for creative writing to be discussed. Courses are integrated with college credit ENG 2307. For more information, contact the Creative Writing Chair, Charlotte Gullick at 512-223-7196.

  • Four Genre - Instruction in literary writing. Genre may vary.
  • Memoirs - Instruction in literary writing: memoirs.
  • Playwriting - Students study and analyze the structure of different styles and movements of theater and how it differs from film and other genres of the written word. Students edit and critique plays, and write a one-act play or 2 fifteen minute scenes.
  • Poetry - Instruction in literary writing: poetry. Possible markets for creative writing will be discussed.
  • Poetry Honors - Please contact the Honors Program at 223-6555 or honors@austincc.edu for additional information.
  • Poetry/Prose - Instruction in literary writing.
  • Prose - Instruction in literary writing: prose. Possible markets for creative writing to be discussed.
  • Prose Fiction - Instruction in literary writing.
  • Prose Memoir - Instruction in literary writing.
  • Prose Nonfiction: Digital Storytelling PACS - Instruction in literary nonfiction including memoir and personal essay, with a focus on developing narratives suitable for digital storytelling. This course relates topics in ENGL 2307 to questions of war, peace, social justice and conflict resolution. It is part of ACC's Peace and Conflict Studies program, but is open to all students and counts as a standard ENGL 2307 course.
  • Screenwriting - Students study and analyze the process of writing for film by examining story concept, theme, characterization, structure, and script formatting, and by creating synopses and treatments.
  • Writing Children's Literature - Instruction in literary writing, with focus on writing for children. Topics include studying classic children's books, writing various genres from picture books to chapter books, and understanding the children's book industry.

ENGX 4008 - Advanced Writing Workshop

Continuation of ENGX 4007 with emphasis on literary writing. Integrated with college credit ENGL 2308. For online classes, internet access is required. For information call 512-223-3355 during the 1st week of class.

  • Poetry
  • Prose

Writing & Fine Arts Academy Classes

BSKX-3029 Basic Writing Skills Course

ENGX-3041 Forms of Literature for Creative Writers

BSKL-3041 Introduction to Hollywood Screenwriting

ENGX-4007 Beginning Creative Writing

ENGX-4007 Poetry

ENGX-4007 Prose Fiction

ENGX-4007 Prose Memoir

ENGX-4007 Prose Nonfiction: Digital Storytelling PACS

ENGX-4007 Screenwriting

ENGX-4007 Writing Children's Literature


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