Quality & Maintenance

Course Code: QCTC-1091

Course Description

This course will focus on Quality in the Manufacturing Environment. It will address Foundational Quality Elements commonly used by manufacturers and will also include Basic Maintenance Equipment and Troubleshooting Practices.

End of Course Outcomes: Students will be able to suggest Continuous Improvements, communicate Quality Problems, take corrective actions to restore or maintain Quality, and use common Measurable Systems and Precision Measurement Tools. In addition students will also be able to recognize maintenance issues with Basic Production Systems related to Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and other Electrical Parts.

Section 1: Introduction to Quality Management

Section 2: Measuring Process Quality

Section 3: Quality Improvement Systems

Section 4: Industrial Print Reading

Section 5: Problem Solving

Quality Assurance Final Exam

Section 1: Maintenance Principles

Section2: Mechanical Systems

Section 3: Electrical Systems

Section 4: Fluid Systems

Section 5 Maintenance Safety

Maintenance Awareness Final Exam


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