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Accounting Courses

Focus on fundamental accounting concepts and their application in transaction analysis. Prepare and financial statements for business, proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Covers the use of special journals, accounting for cash, receivables, payables, long-life assets, inventories, and payroll. Required Book: Accounting, Sixth Edition, Peter J. Eisen, ISBN # 978-1438001388.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Series
A study of analyzing, classifying, and recording business transactions in a manual and computerized environment. Emphasis on understanding the complete accounting cycle and preparing financial statements, and analyzing the information reflected in them. Required book: Accounting, Peter J. Eisen, Sixth edition, ISBN 978-1-4380-0138-8. Suggested prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC or...

Accounting Project and Exam
In this course students complete an accounting project to demonstrate the range of skills and abilities acquired during accounting classes. They will also have an opportunity to take accounting competency exam to demonstrate mastery of accounting topics. Coordinator’s approval required. Required Prerequisites: Successful completion of ACNT 1003 Accounting/Bookkeeping Series or ACNT 1002...

Business Tax Forms
An introduction to various tax forms required by state and federal agencies, including: 940, 941, W-2, W-4, W-3, 1099's, 1096, Texas Workforce Commission quarterly return, Texas Franchise Tax Return, federal income returns (1040, Schedule C, 1065, 1120), Texas Sales Tax Returns, and county property tax forms. Prerequisites: None.

Financial Statement Analysis
An introduction to basic financial statement analysis techniques, including: horizontal and vertical analysis; trend percentages such as current ratio, acid test ratio, turnover ratios, return on assets, etc.; and cost behavior analysis including distribution margin, breakeven points and margin of safety. Suggested prerequisite: Accounting or equivalent knowledge.

Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks)
An introduction to the accounting cycle in a computerized environment. QuickBooks course includes setting up a new company and chart of accounts; recording transactions with customers, vendors and employees; managing lists; running reports and customizing them; changing forms and generating letters. Also includes budgeting, tracking Texas use tax, handling credit card income and expenses,...


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