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Agriculture, Sustainable Courses

Basic Beekeeping
This course is for those students who already have some beekeeping experience and/or have taken the introductory beekeeping course. Students will learn more about the hive and become better at the craft. Part of the course will be experiential, hands-on learning with live bees of the hives kept on campus. Other portions of the course will be in a classroom setting. Students must provide their own...

Farm and Ranch Shop Skills
This course covers fundamentals of shop skills used in agricultural processes applicable towards maintenance and repair of farm facilities and equipment. Topics include arc welding, oxyacetylene cutting and welding, drawing and planning projects, tool maintenance, metal working, woodworking, plumbing and concrete. Upon completion, students should be able to answer theoretical questions on topics...

Farm Greenhouse Management
This course covers the fundamentals of greenhouse construction and operation. Topics include architectural styles, construction materials, environmental systems and controls, growing media, fertilizers, maintenance, and disease prevention; all with a focus on suitability towards sustainable agriculture.

Farm to Table Workshop
Bring the farm into your kitchen by learning the skills to preserve seasonal vegetables. The ACC Elgin Sustainable Agriculture farm will be providing freshly harvested produce for this class. Topics may include fermentation, pickling, dehydration and making preserves.

Enterprise Project- Independent Study in Sustainable Agriculture
Using the Elgin Campus Student Farm as their lab, each student selects a micro enterprise project and works with an instructor to create a plan for their project. Students should choose a project suiting their agricultural business interests. An enterprise project allows students to explore a particular business, crop, or product idea and take it from concept to market utilizing their growing...

Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture
This course will survey local agricultural pests, including weeds and diseases and their impact on crops in Central Texas. Emphasis will be placed on building and maintaining healthy soil, plant and insect biological cycles as key to ecological pest control. The course will focus on identification of pest problem and sustainable methods of integrated pest management including cultural,...

Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
This course is designed as an introduction to the concepts and principles associated with sustainable agriculture. The economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability in agroecosystems will be addressed. This course includes case studies and field trips to connect principles of sustainable agriculture to local farming systems. The students' interests and goals in sustainable...

Introduction to Beekeeping
This is an introduction to the art of beekeeping, with an emphasis on natural and organic practices. All students will emerge with enough information and knowledge to start a colony of bees, and resources for answering questions that will arise as a result of beekeeping through the year. We will spend part of our time in the classroom, and incorporate hands on experience with the campus hives...

Introduction to Raising Lambs
This course covers basic skills necessary for raising young lambs. Topics include breeding, lambing, record keeping, parasite management, rotational grazing, and preventative health. Students can expect hands on instruction with the flock at the student farm, and will gain experience in young animal management skills such as worming, docking, and vaccination.

Introduction to Soil
Understanding and working with your soil is essential to farming and ranching. Introduction to Soil is a study of the physical properties of soil including structure and texture. Topics include the origin and development of soils, the composition of soil horizon, and the interrelationship between soil fertility and plants. Emphasis will be placed on different methods for soil conservation and...

Irrigation for Sustainable Agriculture
This course will provide an overview of irrigation systems applicable to the sustainable farm for water resource conservation and crop productivity. Topics include irrigation principles, scheduling, design, installation, and troubleshooting. Hands-on activities will take place when possible.

Marketing for the Small Farm
This course will guide students through the process of developing a marketing plan for an agricultural enterprise. Concepts of marketing ag products such as specialty crops, meat, dairy, and value added products will be taught through case studies, guest speakers, peer discussion, and recommended readings, with field trips when appropriate. In addition to creating a marketing plan, students will...

Seasonal Gardening
This class is for beginning gardeners interested in tending their own vegetable garden in Central Texas. Topics include basics of identifying and improving soil types and conditions, crop selection and planting with the seasons, and natural methods of garden and fertility maintenance.

Small Scale Farming
This course will be an experiential introduction to small-scale farming techniques. Using the campus farm as our lab, we will address sustainable management practices of specialty crops, including crop planning, field preparation, greenhouse management, cultivation, irrigation, harvest and post-harvest handling. Course time will include field trips and independent projects. Students should be...

Sustainable Livestock Management
This course covers the integration of livestock as part of a sustainable farming system with emphasis on small-scale production for niche markets and pasture. Topics included are appropriate breed selection, nutrition and living requirements for livestock, with a focus on small ruminants. Upon completion, student should recognize appropriate breeds for their farm needs and demonstrate knowledge...


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