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Certificate in Effective Fundraising
The Certificate in Effective Fundraising (CEF) offers a comprehensive and systematic exploration of the key competencies required to be a self-aware, confident, reflective, ethical fundraising professional with a strong sense of professionalism, commitment and passion for the nonprofit sector. Ideal participants are individuals who see fundraising as part of their professional and volunteer...

Grant Writing
The Grant Writing Certificate Program provides an intensive opportunity to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive grant writing environment. The class is led by an accomplished grant writer with an easygoing style who packs each day with a vast amount of content and expertise. In addition, you’ll receive an extensive package of...

Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management
The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management is a comprehensive and systematic learning opportunity, covering the tools, frameworks and concepts necessary for effective nonprofit financial management. It is especially useful for: • Current financial management staff seeking further education or a refresher; • Aspiring professionals seeking competence and professional opportunities...

Nonprofit Leadership & Management 1
The CNLM program provides 18 full days of instruction over 9 months September through May totaling more than 150 hours of contact time. Designed for both professional staff and volunteers who are already engaged in, or aspire to leadership within the Nonprofit Sector of Texas, CNLM affords a disciplined view of self, of the organizations in which you operate, and the overall environment of...

Volunteer Management
Volunteers provide a unique human resource that can enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its mission, priorities, and goals. And, a well-managed volunteer program provides key building blocks that help ensure organizational sustainability. This four-day course provides managers of volunteer resources with state-of-the art, professional development training that is unique in the...


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