Chemical Dependency

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Chemical Dependency Courses

Abnormal Behavior
An exploration and identification of maladaptive behavior including characteristics, classification, diagnosis, and treatment modalities. Topics include factors associated with defining and identifying abnormal behavior. Integrated with college credit SCWK 2331.

Addicted Family Intervention
An introduction to the family as a dynamic system focusing on the effects of addiction pertaining to family roles, rules, and behavior patterns. Discuss the impact of mood altering substances and behaviors and therapeutic alternatives as they relate to the family from a multicultural and transgenerational perspective. (AandD) Integrated with college credit DAAC 2307. (LCDC,SW).

Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders
An overview if causes and consequences of substance related and addictive disorders, the major drug classifications and the counselor's code of ethics. Integrated with college credit DAAC-1319.

Principles of Behavior Management and Modification
A study of the theories and principles of behavior management, cognitive theories and techniques. Emphasis will be on their applications including managing self-behavior. In-depth study will be in operant conditioning techniques. Integrated with credit PSYT-2345.

Counseling Alcohol & Other Drug Addictio Addictions
Special skills and techniques in the application of counseling skills for the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) client. Development and utilization of advanced treatment planning and management. Includes review of confidentiality and ethical issues. Integrated with college credit DAAC 2341.

Counseling Theories
An examination of major theories of various treatment modalities. Topics include reality therapy, psychodynamics, grief therapy, person-centered therapy, rational emotive therapy, and cognitive behavioral approaches. (R) Integrated with college credit PSYT 2339. (LCDC, SW)

Ethics for Social Service Professionals
Ethical considerations based on social and human services standards. Includes comparison of ethical codes, confidentiality, dual relationships, guidelines for web counseling, ethical considerations dealing with broadcast media, diversity and multiculturalism. Integrated with college credit SCWK 1303.

Group Work Intervention
Examination of the various stages of the group work treatment process with emphasis on roles, tasks, and potential problem areas. Topics include mechanics of group function, structure of groups, communication patterns within groups, effective group facilitation skills, and techniques used to address special population issues and needs. (R) Integrated with college credit SCWK 1305. (LCDC, SW)

Interview and Counseling
Development of the basic communication skills necessary to develop an effective helping relationship with clients. Topics include counseling techniques such as intake interviewing, relationship building, problem identification and resolution. Emphasis on importance of effective oral communications. Integrated with college credit SCWK 2311.

Orientation to Social Services
Introduction to the basic concepts, information, and practices within the field of social services. Topics include a survey of the historical development of social services; social, legal, and clinical definitions; and review of current information regarding indications for and methods of treatment and/or services. Combined with credit SCWK-1321.

ubstance Abuse Prevention I
Focuses on aspects of substance abuse prevention from a public health model. Topics include the history of prevention, risk and protective factors among youth, community-based prevention strategies, program design and evaluation, and resources for prevention planning. Integrated with credit DAAC-2306. Qualifies for student health insurance.


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