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Clinical Acute Care Skills

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Clinical Acute Care Skills Courses

Aseptic Techniques and Skills
Skills applying sterile and medical asepsis to the acute care setting.

Basic Phlebotomy Skills
Skills in the safe collection, labeling and handling of blood specimens obtained from the adult, adolescent and infant by the Patient Care Technician for the purpose of clinical laboratory analysis. Includes aseptic collection methods for skin puncture, vacutainer and butterfly.

Electrocardiography- Introduction
Fundamentals of the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, dynamics of cardiac function as it relates to mechanics and electrical elements of the heartbeat rate and rhythm. 12-lead EKG is used to identify lethal and dangerous life threatening dysrhythmias. Includes role of caregiver in reporting and participating in "code" situations. Designed for the unlicensed...

Introduction for PCTs/CAs in the Acute Care Setting
Course provides introductory training to individuals wishing to work as Primary Care Technicians/Clinical Assistants. This course is ideal for recently hired individuals with no experience working in the acute care setting.

Telemetry and Monitoring
Prerequisite: Non Nursing students required to complete ECRD 1011 Electrocardiography prior to taking this course.
Designed primarily for the Registered Nurse but is available for the patient care technician assigned to care for patients with cardiac monitors. Includes a foundational understanding of the heart, the implications of decreased cardiac output, interpretation of electrical activity...


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