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Access Advanced
Advanced concepts of relational database management, hierarchical models, network models, relational models, table merging, relational capabilities, report generation, security features, data file transfer, graphics support, and macro commands. Generate reports, implement security features, automate database management tasks. Suggested prerequisites: Access Intermediate or equivalent experience.

Access Intermediate
Instruction in data validation, and manipulation, browsing through records, records selection and query, indexing, and sorting. Topics include modifying tables, creating queries, and linking files. Suggested prerequisites: Access Introduction or equivalent experience.

Access Introduction
An introduction to database concepts including: Program parameters, data dictionary, optional field characteristics, calculations, constant default values, data entry form design, database organization, and report generation. Learn how to design and complete a working database system using Microsoft Access. Covers basics of tables, queries, forms, and reports. Suggested prerequisites: Familiarity...

Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard page layout program. In this class you'll use InDesign to produce a variety of single-page and multi-page documents. You'll learn to set and format type, work with paragraph styles, import images from Illustrator and Photoshop, define and apply color, apply graphic effects, create PDFs, and package files for printing. Suggested prerequisites:...

Excel Advanced
Advanced concepts in electronic spreadsheets. Topics address macro programming features, database functions, merging/linking spreadsheets, data file transfer, and Boolean functions. Also includes using templates, importing data, and designing macros. Suggested prerequisites: Excel Intermediate or equivalent experience.

Excel Intermediate
Instruction in moving and copying, cell contents; sorting mathematical, statistical, and financial functions; date and time arithmetic; report generation; and built-in graphics support. Includes macros, database functions, and linking spreadsheets. Suggested prerequisites: Excel Introduction or equivalent experience.

Excel Introduction
Instruction in terminology, program parameters, display characteristics, formatting features, mathematical functions, and printing. Using Microsoft Excel, create formulas and functions, gain skills to build, manage, save, retrieve, format, and print worksheets and charts. Suggested prerequisites: Familiarity with PC.

Fundamentals of PC Use
Introduction to operating systems file creation/deletion, data entry and manipulation, automatic file execution, configuration, and directory commands. Perfect for new users who want to gain confidence and a firm foundation in using personal computers. Topics include using the keyboard and mouse; working in the Windows environment, and learning basic troubleshooting. Suggested prerequisites: None.

Introduction to Keyboarding
Skill development in keyboarding. Topics include the home keys, alphabetic keys, symbol keys, body positions, and various keyboarding techniques. Emphasis is placed on learning touch-typing. Suggested prerequisites: None.

PowerPoint Intermediate
Techniques for developing and modifying multimedia presentations and creating interactive slide shows. Enhance your PowerPoint skills and techniques by using slide masters, Clip Art Gallery, tables and charts; publish to the Web, and customize the PowerPoint software. Suggested prerequisites: PowerPoint Introduction or equivalent experience.

PowerPoint Introduction
Introduction to computerized presentation graphics that leads the participant through planning, design, and production of business graphics and charts. Presentation files are produced utilizing multimedia software. Learn how to create a business presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Includes creating an initial outline, slides, formatting and proofing text, utilizing objects, animation,...

Word Advanced
Advanced instruction in document preparation, editing, and formatting. Emphasizes special problems encountered in business and industry. Instruction in multiple document editing, footnotes, endnotes, table of contents and index generation, forms, user defined macro procedures, tables, templates, and file import and export from other programs. Suggested prerequisites: Word Intermediate or...

Word Intermediate
Word processing production techniques. Includes search and replace functions, headers and footers, mail merge, file functions, and printer setup. Enhance your word processing skills by expanding your knowledge of formatting techniques, table creation, file management, inserting graphics, and merging documents. Suggested prerequisites: Word Introduction or equivalent experience.

Word Introduction
Introduction to word processing terminology, editing functions, formatting, and special text options. Create, edit, and print documents such as letters or reports using Microsoft Word. The course covers text, paragraph, and page formatting, spell checking, copying, pasting, and printing. Suggested prerequisites: Familiarity with the PC.


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