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Drama Courses

Acting III
A continuation of the study of creating dramatic character from text through monologues and scene study, focusing on the analysis, interpretation and performance of classical works. Combined with credit DRAM-2351.

Introduction to Costume
A study of the principles and techniques of costume design and construction for the stage. Review of the costume designer's duties and responsibilities, and a brief overview of costume history. Combined with credit DRAM-1342.

Stage Movement
A study in the use of the body on stage to communicate character and action. Exercises are designed to instill self-awareness and spatial awareness, and provide the student actor with tools for effective physical expression. Units of study include mime technique, physical comedy, dance/movement for musical theatre, unarmed stage combat and fight choreography, mask technique in ensemble and solo...

Stagecraft II
Further study and application of visual aesthetics of theatre design including scenery, lighting, props. Emphasis on individual projects. Combined with credit DRAM-2331.

Voice and Diction
Principles of diction, voice development, and improvement, vocal variety and expressiveness. Focus on various aspects of using the voice effectively, including volume and projection, rate and phrasing, inflection, and resonance. Study of the International Phonetic Alphabet to correct and eliminate individual articulation problems. Combined with credit DRAM-2336.


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