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Backyard Chickens: The ABCs
A beak-to-tail feather workshop on our fine-feathered friends, enough to get you going in this popular urban farming hobby. By the time to leave, you'll be well on your way to managing a coop in your backyard. And you'll be able to impress your friends by knowing the difference between a Buff Orpington and a Rhode Island Red. Taught in historic chicken coops.

Backyard Farming
A fast-paced introduction to growing food in your own backyard. This field short course will touch on soil. compost, planting, growing seasons, vegetable types and more. It should give you enough to site a garden, how to work the soil and what and when to plant to plant so you can grow your own groceries. This class will be held at an historic homesite.

Fruit Trees
A primer on fruit trees in Central Texas, from planting to TLC to harvesting. This field information class will discuss small orchards to ornamentals, with an A to Z primer on fruit trees. Dress for an outdoor tour. This class meets at historic home sites.


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