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International Business Courses

Global Supply Chain Management
International purchasing or sourcing. Includes the advantages and the barriers of purchasing internationally, global sourcing, procurement technology, and purchasing processes. Emphasizes issues of contract administration, location, and evaluation of foreign suppliers, total cost approach, exchange fluctuations, customs procedures, and related topics. Integrated with credit IBUS-1341. Qualifies...

Intercultural Management
Cross-cultural comparisons of management and communications processes. Emphasizes cultural geographic distinctions and antecedents that affect individual, group, and organizational behavior. May include sociocultural demographics, economics, technology, political-legal issues, negotiations, and processes of decision making in the international cultural environment. Integrated with college credit...

International Marketing Management
Analysis of international marketing strategies using market trends, costs, forecasting, pricing, sourcing, and distribution factors. Development of an international export/import marketing plan. Integrated with credit IBUS-1354. Qualifies for student health insurance.

Introduction to International Business and Trade
The techniques for entering the international marketplace. Emphasis on the impact and dynamics of sociocultural, demographic, economic,
technological, and political-legal factors in the foreign trade environment. Topics include patterns of world trade, internationalization of the firm, and operating procedures of the multinational enterprise. Required textbook available at RGC Bookstore...

Principles of Exports
Export management processes and procedures. Includes governmental controls and compliance, licensing of products, documentation, commercial invoices, and traffic procedures. Emphasizes human and public relations, management of personnel, finance, and accounting procedures. Integrated with credit IBUS-1301. Qualifies for student health insurance.


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