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There is a TCEQ update regarding House Bill 1508, effective September 1, 2017. Please review this information before registering.

Irrigation Design in 8 Steps
This is a great class for new, and experienced irrigators looking to increase their landscape irrigation design skills. Included are the 8 steps of irrigation design: Collecting Site Information, Calculating Available Water Capacity, Determining Landscape Needs, Selecting Equipment and Head Layout, Sizing Components, Grouping Heads into Zones, Calculating Hydraulics, and Completing an Irrigation...

Irrigation Technician
Taught by Phil Sheppard, this is the required class for individuals wanting to test for the new state Landscape Irrigation Technician License. Irrigation Technicians, under the supervision of a Licensed Irrigator, will install, maintain, alter, repair, service, or supervise the installation of irrigation systems. The 16 hour class includes water conservation, definitions, components, design,...

Irrigation Technician CEU
Taught by Phil Sheppard, this class for Technicians, and Inspectors to earn 8 or 16 hours of CEUs to renew their current license. The class includes water conservation, definitions, components, design, installation, maintenance, and rules and regulations of the state of Texas. The class includes the new "Texas Landscape Irrigation Training and Reference Manual" used by 80% of Texas for...

Landscape Irrigator
Taught by Phil Sheppard, this class is an In-depth coverage of irrigation systems including history, definitions, equipment, hydraulics, design, installation, repair, trouble-shooting, maintenance, technological advances in system design and equipment, and water conservation for residential and commercial applications. Prepares student for the Texas Landscape Irrigation License Examination. The...

Overview of Landscape Irrigation
This is a great class for new, and experienced irrigators looking to increase their overall knowledge of irrigation. Included is an irrigation synopsis of this industry, terminology, evolution of components (including backflow devices and safety), and basic hydraulics. Daily hours will be from 7am to 4pm. Training will include a dynamic presentation and lecture, video, product samples, and...


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