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Leadership and Management Courses

Business Negotiation and Strategic Decision Making
Learn the strategies and tactics needed to influence others and reach long-lasting, profitable agreements. This interactive course teaches you successful negotiation skills through role play and case studies from real life, giving you the knowledge and experience to handle difficult conversations and communicate with people from different cultures.

Organizational Communication Strategies For Managers
Gain the skills needed to communicate effectively in a complex business environment. Learn how to be flexible so you can communicate both upstream and downstream, as well as with vendors, clients, stakeholders, and other partner organizations from a variety of business cultures. Apply new skills right away into your current or future position.

Fundamentals of Management
Management functions, theories, and decision-making processes including planning, organizing, leading, staffing, and controlling. Understand how individual and organizational behavior impacts the achievement of business goals. Discover a tactical versus strategic approach to address challenges, and learn concrete skills to improve your ability to lead teams and achieve business goals.

Leadership and Management Series
Become a more effective leader, manager, or supervisor through practical, skill-based learning in the Leadership and Management Series. Grounded in the practical aspects of day-to-day management, the curriculum develops knowledge and skills useful to a position of influence, whether that be new, seasoned, or aspiring managers and leaders.

Leadership Skills for Supervisors Managers
Concepts and skills of leadership in the work setting. Introduces leadership and motivational theories and leadership styles. Includes evaluation of leadership performance. Explore how leaders use power and influence to achieve organizational commitment and effectiveness. Discuss topics of organizational culture, business ethics, and effective goal setting and planning. Identify case studies...

Managing Change in the Workplace and Environment
Learn valuable insights on how to foster goodwill and commitment during times of transition to create and maintain a high-performance organization. Discover how to design and manage change more effectively, gain an awareness of principles used to address people's readiness and capability for change, and learn how to prepare people for change.


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