Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

Domestic and International Transportation Management
An overview of the principles and practices of transportation and its role in the distribution process. Emphasis on the physical transportation systems involved in the United States as well as on global distribution systems. Topics include carrier responsibilities and services, freight classifications, rates, tariffs, and public policy and regulations. Also includes logistical geography and the...

Introduction to Business Logistics
A systems approach to managing activities associated with traffic, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and materials handling. This is course one of a foundation two-level track that will help our participants understand and master the core competencies of material handling and its relevance in the entire Supply Chain/Logistics function. Integrated with...

Introduction to Materials Handling
Introduces the concepts and principles of materials management to include inventory control and forecasting activities. Combined with college credit LMGT-1321.

Safety and Accident Prevention MSSC Certified Logistics Associate

Warehouse and Distribution Center Management
Emphasis on physical distribution and total supply chain management. Includes warehouse operations management, hardware and software operations, bar codes, organizational effectiveness, just-in-time, and continuous replenishment.


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