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Marketing Courses

Advertising for Small Business
A good advertising campaign includes evaluating your needs, setting goals, finding your audience, and communicating the right message in the right way. This class covers the basics of ad planning and budgeting, audience targeting and market coverage, advertising terminology, digital media and effective copywriting.

Customer Relationships: Prospecting, Networking and Sales
Outline the sales cycle for your product and market, learn about buyer viewpoints and expectations, sales pitches and networking. Discuss effective and ineffective sales techniques, new developments in CRM/customer relationship management, and how to build customer profiles and pipelines.

Market Research for Small Business
Even the smallest businesses can conduct market research, track progress, and use data to set and reach goals. Topics include qualitative and quantitative research methods, demographics, inexpensive tools and resources, questionnaire design and tabulating results, tracking advertising effectiveness, basic databases and analysis.

Marketing for Small Business Series
This package of classes provides an opportunity to understand and integrate the many facets of marketing. Identify your marketing priorities and create an action plan, learn from other entrepreneurs and make valuable connections.

Principles of Marketing
Find out what it takes to build a strong brand and a loyal customer base. Uncover the process of marketing, from market needs and business planning through pricing, advertising, and promotions. Learn to evaluate your current strategy, accurately define your product and find your audience, and track your progress for future improvements.


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