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Blackjack for Fun!
This class will provide students the opportunity to learn rules and basic strategy of playing blackjack. Starting with how to play the game, the class will progress through the various options and choices players have in each hand. Once everyone is able to play, the class will learn how to deal blackjack, with emphasis on being able to handle the cards correctly and how to explain options and...

Archaelogy: If Houses Could Speak
Do you wish your walls could talk Have you ever wondered about the past life of an historic home If so, then come join us for an archaeological journey. An archaeologist with 25 years experience will guide you through the process of researching any historical property - from genealogy to architectural history, and all the artifacts and archival records in between. Lectures include background...

Make Social Media Work for Your Business
Social Media for today and tomorrow. If you are on Facebook or if you aren’t you should know what all of the fuss is about and how to make it work for you. Techniques for selling and buying on the web, EBay, Etsy and other auction sites discussed. What about LinkedIn Plus everything that you need to know about videos and YouTube – is it for you What is coming in the future that you...

The Art of Selling Your Art
Everything in life is sales and marketing. Successful people are not just lucky, they understand that every nuance is being judged. Creating and fine tuning your brand will increase your sales -regardless of your medium or product. Whatever your level of expertise, you will learn new skills and information about: social medias, tip and tricks for websites, business cards do's and...


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