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Photography Courses

Fundamentals of Digital Photography
A fully digital course that teaches the students how to operate, and better utilize photographic equipment including DSLR cameras, lenses, hot shoe flash, studio flash, wireless transmitters, handheld light meters, filters, and tripods. Introduction to basic photographic theories will include camera setup, proper exposure for a variety of lighting situations, image composition, and custom white...

Intermediate Digital Photography
A fully digital course that builds upon PHTC 1011 Fundamentals of Digital Photography. Students will further develop their photographic skill set in the studio, the laboratory, and on location with technical and practical exercises including architectural, still life, black line glass, white on white, advanced portrait with lighting ratio's, panorama, and synchro sun photography. Students...

Photography: Beginning
This class teaches you how to create more interesting photographs. Topics include composition, lighting, lenses, filters, color balance, and digital workflow. A digital SLR camera is required.

Portrait II
This course is an intermediate course on the art of the portrait. The emphasis will be on 1. lighting and the eye for detail to use studio or natural light to achieve the desired results. 2. Posing: elegant or awkward posture can make a good photograph even better. 3. Wardrobe and Props. A Digital Single Lens Reflex camera with interchangeable lens will be the best. Knowledge of exposure, flash...

Studio and Environmental Photography
Do you want to know more about flash photography Portraits with strobe lighting, event and, senior or engagement type photography will be covered. This course will touch on two main topics: 1. The Studio Portrait and 2. Environmental photography. We will learn how to use a flash meter, how to manage light modifiers (soft box, umbrellas etc.) and when and how to use each. We will also cover the...

The Business of Photography
Have you wanted to start a photography business but are a little intimidated with all the details This course will cover, web design, forming a Sole Proprietorship or LLC, copyright, marketing, finding your target demographic, workflow, portfolio, and many other topics. We will provide rich material and clear direction to help you feel more prepared and confident.


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