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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a technique that uses the JavaScript-based XMLHttpRequest object to retrieve responses from a web server in a dynamic way, allowing for instant, on page updating. Learn to create dynamic web pages that function more like desktop applications than traditional web pages. Prerequisite: Intermediate WWW Authoring and XHTML and JavaScript Programming.

Introduction to E-Commerce
Examine the type of system which is described by the umbrella term "e-commerce." Typical application areas include retailing using the Internet, supply chain management, and online auctions. Covers underlying technologies used to implement e-commerce applications, e.g., web technology, the problems encountered when developing distributed e-commerce systems, such as ensuring that a...

Introduction to Programming Languages Online
Basic programming concepts and techniques. Topics include familiarization with and utilization of computer systems; developing logic; preparing top-down design of problems; and creating programs. Students will learn how to construct basic algorithms and write computer programs using basic types, loops, and conditionals. Students will practice the skill of programming in every class....

Java Programming: Part I
Introduces the idea of Object Oriented Programming, objects, classes, state and behavior, statements and expressions, instance and class methods, casting, arrays, logic and loops, creating classes, creating Java applications, command-line arguments, constructor methods, overriding methods, overriding constructors, beginning Collections usage, and finalizer methods. Prerequisites: ITSE 1003...

Java Programming: Part II
Covers inheritance, collections, enums, exception handling, auto boxing and basic IO via the keyboard and console. Prerequisites: ITSE 1070 Java Programming: Part I. Students must be familiar with Object Oriented Programming and terminology before taking this course. Prerequisites: ITSE 1070 Java Programming: Part I. Required book for classroom class: The Java Tutorial: A Short Course on the...

Java Programming: Part III
Create more sophisticated Java programs utilizing the functionality of the Swing components. Learn how to create GUI menu systems and use Swing components to create frames, labels, borders, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, text fields, text areas, file choosers, color choosers, internal frames, menu bars, tool bars, tabbed panes and sliders. Also learn how to read and write to...

JavaScript Programming
Covers basic JavaScript scripting features: code placement, events and event handlers, methods, functions and parameters, attributes, JavaScript objects, and underlying it all, the document object model. Work with variables, operators, if/then/else control structures, loops, and arrays. Close attention paid to browser type and browser version compatibility, and to JavaScript anomalies and...

PHP hypertext preprocessor is a server side programming language that you embed into documents such as HTML files, which may contain DHTML, JavaScript, and Java. PHP is great for creating pages on the fly and can be used to make guest books, message boards, and other interactive pages. Learn the programming aspect of PHP, variables, operators, hashes, arrays, and control structures. Check course...

Programming for E-Commerce Websites
This technical programming class takes the student through the design and development of an E-Commerce shopping cart system, using PHP and MySQL. Prerequisites: Introduction to E-Commerce and PHP courses or equivalent knowledge.

Software Developer Bootcamp
This intensive program will prepare you for a job as a Web Developer. It will teach you how to design, develop, test and deploy front-end, back-end, database and services in the cloud using highly sought after technologies today. You will immerse in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, Linux, Git, AWS etc. You will learn how to design and build backend systems including SQL database schemas,...

Software Development Bootcamp - Trial Classes
These classes are designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of web development. The fast pace and challenging mini-project will give you a taste of the full blown 24 week full stack web development bootcamp (full-bootcamp) that is offered through ACC Continuing Education. At the end of the last class, you will get an opportunity to meet the instructors of the bootcamp, and have any questions...


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