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Teacher Certification Courses

Clinical Teaching
Seventy days of student teaching with an experienced cooperating teacher. Fee covers the cost of the field supervisor.

Creating the Learning Environment
This course focuses on the critical skills of successfully managing the classroom. Topics covered are use of data in defining instruction, social justice, social and emotional learning, Positive Behavior Intervention, and classroom organization.

Designing and Presenting Instruction - Grades 4-12
This course prepares the teacher candidate to identify and use resources available for planning, and designing interactive TEKS-based lessons with an emphasis on specific content methodology. In addition, the course addresses assessment of the child’s learning and communicating of the child’s progress to parents. Each candidate will plan and teach three micro teaches which will be...

Developmental Math - ALEKS PPL
A web-based program for students to refresh their math knowledge with the goal of placing into a higher level course. Students will meet with the instructor each week (three times a week for intersession). In addition, students will be expected to work online independently.

Early Childhood, Fine Arts, Health, Physical Education Methodology
This course will present concepts and methods for teaching children and instructing students in Grades EC-6 in Art, Music, Theatre, Health and Physical Education Methodology.

Educational Technology Foundations
This course focuses on appropriate copyright use by teachers. In addition, candidates will explore various programs which can be incorporated into their classroom instruction as well as assessment. Candidates will develop their own classroom website, create blogs, and design lessons which incorporate technology.

Elementary Reading Instruction EC-6
This course focuses on beginning literacy instruction for Early Childhood up to third grade. Instruction is provided in the Science of Reading including phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension, and fluency for early learners.

English as a Second Language/Bilingual Supplemental
This course is designed to prepare teachers to instruct learners whose primary language is other than English. The course emphasizes language concepts and best instructional practices for facilitating English language proficiency. Instructional techniques for both literacy and oral language development focus on social and academic language skills. In addition, the course prepares the candidates...

Fall Internship
Fee for supervisors and mentors to support interns during their first year of teaching in public schools. Interns are advised, appraised, and mentored throughout the Fall semester. Fall Internship-Support for those hired as 1st year teachers. 30 hrs. Professional Development/Conferences Full Fall Semester

Help Young Children Manage Their Feelings
All childcare professionals were children once, and how their parents responded to their emotional expressions affects how they respond to emotional expressions by children in their care. This class examines the uncomfortable emotions providers feel-and the inappropriate ways they many respond- when children exhibit strong feelings, especially anger, fear and grief. The course will challenge...

Helping Young Children Thrive
Attention is seen as misbehavior in young children, and giving them the attention they need is often times interpreted as reinforcement of bad behavior. This class focuses on how we, as adults, manage our attention, including a "how-to" segment to help reflect about how the teachers sought out attention when they were children. This class includes conversations with teachers as well as...

Holidays in Early Childhood Programs Training Workshop
This class will include unbiased, developmentally appropriate strategies and activities to celebrate, rather than exclude, diversity, traditions and holidays. Among other topics, this class includes evaluating holiday activities for appropriateness, addressing commercialism and stereotypes, involving families and developing inclusive policies.

Inquiry-Based Early Learning Environment
What does it mean to inquire Grownups would say it means to question, to search for information, or to finding out about a topic of interest. For children in an early childhood classroom, the definition is no different. From the time of their birth, children want to know how the world works and actively seek out information. How educators respond to their quest is what this workshop is all...

Internship 1
Interns are advised, appraised, and mentored throughout the spring semester. Fee covers the costs of the field supervisor.

National STEM Certification Institute
This course offers the participant an opportunity to become Nationally STEM Certified which is presented online. In addition, in order to transfer STEM strategies to actual practice, there will be 20 hours of hands-on lab experiences associated with the online portion.

Preparing for the ESL Exam
This course will prepare certified teachers to take the English as a Second Language supplemental examination. The content makes connections between theory and methodology for the teaching of English as a Second Language in classrooms. The course will emphasize the laws covering ESL students; needs of English language learners (ELLs) in academic instruction, with a focus on language and literacy...

Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout - Early Childhood
This class will offer techniques for dealing with the everyday stress of being a child care professional. This class will describe the symptoms and causes of burnout, with advice to get through each challenge.

Secondary Reading Instruction - Grades 4-12
This course focuses on the Science of Reading and integrating reading instruction into upper elementary, middle and high school into specific content area instruction. Strategies are provided to incorporate phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension, and fluency into daily content area instruction.

Substitute Teacher Training
This session will prepare the individual who wishes to substitute teach with an array of materials and strategies to use in this challenging assignment. It is always difficult for students when the regular teacher is not in class; however, a well-prepared substitute can make the time pass efficiently if adequately prepared. Topics will cover: Exploring Universal Expectations for School District...

Summer Field Experience - Content Methodology
The class emphasizes student teaching, modeling, classroom management, specific content strategies, and preparing for the first six weeks of school. Presentation skills and the model of a teacher as a facilitator are guiding themes. Working with ESL and special population learners is also included. The class content is put into practical application through an experience in a local school...

The Art of Awareness
Learning to closely observe children requires commitment to systematic study and ongoing practice. With activities, experiences and stories, this workshop provides that opportunity. This class will help educators of young children discover the many ways that being observant can enhance their teaching.


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