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Technical Communications Courses

Grant Proposals and Business Plans
A study of two important forms of the proposal: the grant proposal and the new-business plan (also known as business prospectus). Students learn how to find grants, analyze their requirements, and then write a successful grant proposal. Students also plan a business startup, do funding and marketing research for it, and then write a business plan promoting the startup to potential investors....

Introduction to Technical Writing
Identify the elements of technical writing; state the purpose of a technical document; research information; prepare outlines; construct technical documents using graphical elements; and generate reports and/or work-related documents. Integrated with credit ENGL-2311.

Multimedia for Technical Communications Management
Learn to create audio-visual tutorials for technical products employing the principles of instructional design, user experience, and usability as a foundation to learn and employ audio-video applications like TechSmith, Camtasia and Adobe Captivate. This course was designed to be repeated multiple times if content varies. Combined with credit ETWR-2470. Qualifies for student health insurance.

Online Helps and Help-Authoring Tools for Technical Writers
Workshop-style course in which students study the evolution and function of online helps; critique existing online helps; learn structuring principles and navigation tools common in online helps; create online helps using several leading online help-authoring tools such as RoboHELP, Flare and AuthorIT; and write their own online helps for a software product. Integrated with college credit ETWR...

Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation
Learn how to promote organizations, products, and services using social media tools such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Adhering to the rules of online etiquette, learn how to build a community and curate its contributed information so that that information reliably provides online support for products or services. Put what you learn into practice by using these tools to accomplish one or both...

Social Media Tools II: Monitoring and Analysis
Learn how to develop and manage social media strategies based on the social media campaign created in ETWR 1071. Use analytical tools to establish metrics for measuring results of these strategies. Maintain and modify social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs,, LinkedIn and podcasts. Analyze data, identify promoters of, and threats to, organization reputation and...

Web Based Content Management Systems
Practice developing information collaboratively in a wiki application in a controlled, organized fashion. Individually, each student will learn how to install and set up a wiki (such as MediaWiki, which drives Wikipedia); handle basic administrative tasks for the wiki; learn how to create and format wiki pages; link to other wiki pages; comment or even edit others' wiki pages; use the...

WordPress CMS-Based Websites and Blogs
Learn to install, configure, and design WordPress blogs for technical communication and collaboration. As part of a team, use a WordPress blog as a content management system to document a technical product, service, or process. Integrated with credit ETWR-2376.


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