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Data Acquisition and Analysis in Geographic Information Systems
This course studies the management of geographic information, system life cycles, and costs and benefits. It examines institutional issues such as data providers, data management, combination of attribute and graphic data, information storage and access, and state and national standards for spatial data. The course introduces the student to GIS applications for data modeling and analysis.

GIS Capstone
Demonstrate your GIS professional skills by completing an independent study, internship, or work study. The GIS Capstone is an opportunity for students to apply skills learned at ACC in the workplace or simulated workplace. The ACC instructor/workplace supervisor will supervise this work with regular professional evaluations. This will include professional competencies such as punctuality,...

Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
This course focuses on the study of spatial data structures and the display, manipulation, and analysis of geographic information. Students will study the technical aspects involved in spatial data handling, analysis and modeling. Instruction will include theories and procedures associated with the implementation and management of GIS projects. A variety of GIS software packages will be used in...

Introduction to Map Design and Use
This course introduces the student to reference and thematic map use and design. It examines basic cartographic mapping techniques for quantitative and qualitative data, teaches about geospatial analysis and interpretation, and enables students to design basic maps that communicate information effectively. Exercises and projects teach students to design intuitive and informative maps using...

Introduction to Construction Industry
Introduction to the Construction Industry Covering construction industry basics, students will study topics including OSHA 10 training requirements, construction math, hand and power tools, materials handling and construction drawings.

Introduction to GIS
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a computer-based tool that uses spatial (geographic) data to analyze and solve real-world problems. This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles and techniques of GIS. The lab material will emphasize GIS data collection, entry, storage, analysis, and output using ArcGIS.
GISC 1011 Introduction to GIS is the first course required...


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