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Visual Communications

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Visual Communications Courses

Digital Imaging I
Digital imaging using raster image editing and/or image creation software: scanning, resolution, file formats, output devices, color systems, and image-acquisitions. A solid introduction to Adobe Photoshop with specific attention to practical applications of digital imaging to include preparing images for print (halftone theory) and web output. Gain proficiency with palettes, selections, layers,...

Digital Publishing I
An introduction to designing and producing layout for graphic design using Adobe InDesign CC. The evolution of the printing process from concept to final printed project will be covered. Basic computing literacy required. Integrated with college credit ARTC 1413. Note: If you register for an ONLINE or HYBRID class, you MUST meet hardware, software and orientation requirements in order to succeed...

Illustration Techniques I
study of illustration techniques in various media. Emphasis on creative interpretation and disciplined draftsmanship for visual communication of ideas. Study of drawing in various contemporary media, from still life, nature, photographs, and the imagination. Emphasizes creative interpretation, memory of observation, and disciplined draftsmanship. Continuation of the study of perspective through...

Vector Graphics for Production
A study and use of vector graphics for production. Skill development in the use of the tools and transformation options of Adobe Illustrator to create complex vector illustrations for print and web-based media. Mastery in manipulation of both text and graphics with emphasis on the use of the pen tool as well as the correct use and management of different color modes. Integrated with college...


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