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Web Authoring and Website Design

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Web Authoring and Website Design Courses

Advanced WWW, HTML, and CSS
Third part of a three-part series, the course introduces HTML5 and CSS3 advanced features. Learn how to code more interactive Web pages using HTML5 APIs for canvas drawing, drag and drop and media display. Create advanced pages using CSS3 style sheets. Prerequisite: Intermediate WWW Authoring, HTML, and CSS or equivalent experience.

Web site creation with graphic elements. Includes use of Web authoring software and study of websites and browsers. Learn to use the industry standard HTML editor to develop modern websites. You'll learn basic site setup, using linked, embedded and inline CSS rules, setting up HTML emails with tables, speeding development with Library items and Templates, and creating forms for user...

Interface Design & Usability
This course focuses on improving web site design using the Principles of Design in visual communication, and Human-Computer Interface (HCI) fundamentals. Students will learn the three types of usability evaluation, as well as design and critique mock web site interfaces. Prerequisite: Introduction to WWW Authoring and XHTML and ITNW 6001 Photoshop 1.

Intermediate WWW Authoring, HTML, and CSS
Publishing, design, and layout techniques for websites. Utilizes techniques in animation, tables, and forms. Also includes application of tools for creating and editing a website. Introduces table design, forms, and frames construction. Hands-on experience in building complex web pages using techniques covered in class. Prerequisite: Introduction to World Wide Web Authoring and XHTML, similar...

Introduction to WWW Authoring, HTML, and CSS
This course will focus on the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the creation of a home page. Web browsers and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) are discussed. Students get hands-on experience building simple web pages in XHTML with hypertext links and graphics. Includes an overview of techniques that enhance and facilitate page creation. Prerequisites: Familiarity with PC and browsing the...

Responsive Web Design and Cross- Browser Compatibility
Responsive Web Design is a fundamental shift in design for multiple devices and screen sizes. Cross-browser compatibility lets us code feature rich sites that work with both new and old browsers. This course introduces flexible grid layouts and coding techniques used to keep up with constantly changing requirements. Prerequisites: Intermediate WWW Authoring, HTML, and CSS.

Web Accessibility
Incorporate web accessibility techniques, such as Section 508 and WCAG Guidelines, into websites, increase usability and interoperability of web based materials. Learn about the concept of web accessibility and how it impacts a wide variety of audiences. Apply web accessibility techniques and principles, meet and exceed modern accessibility standards. Prerequisites: Intermediate WWW Authoring,...

Web Authoring: Drupal
Instruction in designing and developing web pages that incorporate text, graphics, and other supporting elements using current technologies and authoring tools. Use Drupal-based web systems to dynamically store and generate web sites. Prerequisites: Familiarity with computers, browsing the Internet, and Intermediate WWW Authoring, HTML, and CSS.


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