Marketing for the Small Farm

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This course will guide students through the process of developing a marketing plan for an agricultural enterprise. Concepts of marketing ag products such as specialty crops, meat, dairy, and value added products will be taught through case studies, guest speakers, peer discussion, and recommended readings, with field trips when appropriate. In addition to creating a marketing plan, students will learn about evolving regulatory issues.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Marissa Lankes.

Meet The Instructor

Ellen H. Beaman

Ellen began her agricultural career on an organic vegetable farm in Buda, TX in 2001, which inspired her to pursue an education in ag. She received her BS in Agronomy from Texas Tech University and has continued to manage and consult organic farms in Central Texas. When she's› not farming, Ellen enjoys two-stepping, reading Tolkien, and harassing her cat, Felix.

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Mar 24th - May 14th
8 Weeks Total
TTh @ 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
48.00 Total Hours
Course Instructor
1 Students Registered
9 Seats Available

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