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Java Programming: Part I

Course Code: ITSE-1070

Course Description

Introduces the idea of Object Oriented Programming, objects, classes, state and behavior, statements and expressions, instance and class methods, casting, arrays, logic and loops, creating classes, creating Java applications, command-line arguments, constructor methods, overriding methods, overriding constructors, beginning Collections usage, and finalizer methods. Prerequisites: ITSE 1003 Introduction to Programming Languages.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Marcela Nouzovska.

Meet The Instructor

Judith Cannon

Judy Cannon earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Southwest Texas State University. She owns and operates AnsurWeb Services, a Website Design, Hosting and CGI Programming company. Judy is an experienced programmer and software trainer, and has programmed in Perl, CGI, HTML, Javascript, C-Language, Fortran, Embedded Postscript and OSF/MOTIF.

Course Information

Jan 8th - Jan 30th (3 Weeks)
2 Students (28 Seats Available)
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Course Registration

$296.00 Course Cost Course Cost Breakdown:
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This course was part of the 2018 Spring Semester and registration is closed. For additional help, please contact the program coordinator.

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