Enterprise Project- Independent Study in Sustainable Agriculture

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Using the Elgin Campus Student Farm as their lab, each student selects a micro enterprise project and works with an instructor to create a plan for their project. Students should choose a project suiting their agricultural business interests. An enterprise project allows students to explore a particular business, crop, or product idea and take it from concept to market utilizing their growing skills and knowledge. This educational opportunity encourages students to experiment with starting a business with little risk and challenges the student to make adaptations and gain independent managerial skills. Learning Outcomes Select a specific agricultural/horticultural crop, commodity, or product and develop an enterprise project using the resources (with instructor's consent). Explain the overall process of planning, implementing and managing a farm-based project. Describe the process of client relationship building. Conduct a self-evaluation identifying successes and failures during the project. Identify ways of improving time management, scheduling, purchasing supplies and materials, implementation and quality control.

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Evelyn Rosas

Years ago I switched paths from law office to farm. I learned to love working with the soil and selling produce on a farm in Austin, TX. Since that time I've worked on various farms from Texas to California and growing in roles from apprentice to farm manager. My dedication to sustainable agriculture has led me to become an organic inspector and become an educator in this field. I'm extremely happy to return to Austin to be able to work with ACC and our area farmers to provide quality training and resources to aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs in Central Texas! Our food system needs us. We need more farmers and more folks dedicated to land stewardship, improving the farmer quality of life and our farm ties to the community.

I have a BA from the University of Chicago and a certificate in Ecological Horticulture from UC Santa Cruz CASFS Farm and Garden.

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February 27th - May 22nd
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