Advanced Beekeeping: Extractions

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This advanced beekeeping course introduces the concepts and practices for handling extraction situations including: swarms, bees in buildings/water meters/irrigation systems, and bees in trees. There may be hands on opportunities when nature, timing and safety permits.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Marissa Lankes.

Meet The Instructor

Cassandra L. Carico

Cassandra Carico was raised on a farm in in the mountains of rural Oregon and developed a strong sense of wonder for the natural world from a very young age. Since moving to Austin, Texas about 20 years ago she has studied and worked with the local plants and insect life, focusing on pollinators and their role in the ecosystem. To this end she formed Bee People Industries, a group dedicated to teaching bee centered, sustainable agriculture.

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Jul 30th - Aug 13th
3 Weeks Total
M @ 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
6.00 Total Hours
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