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In this course, students will learn to use standard English grammar in writing developed academic compositions. Students work on developing more sophisticated sentences and using them in their writing. Students are exposed to the modes of comparison/contrast, argument/persuasion, academic research and documentation, and cause/effect. This course is designed to further prepare ESOL student to handle the writing tasks they will encounter in college-credit level courses and the workplace. Integrated with credit ESOL-0374. Qualifies for student health insurance. To register for Writing 4 (COMX 4074) you must have completed Writing 3 (COMX 4073) and Grammar 3 (COMX 4097) with a grade of C or higher. Or tested into Writing 4 (COMX 4074) and Grammar 4 (COMX 4098) on the ESOL assessment test.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Shannon Bailey.

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Mar 25th - May 15th
8 Weeks Total
MW @ 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
48.00 Total Hours
Course Instructor
7 Students Registered
This Course Is Full

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Base Cost of $255.00 + $1.00 Fees
$256.00 Course Cost

*May require a $1 or $3 insurance fee

This course was part of the 2019 Spring Semester and registration is closed. For additional help, please contact the program coordinator.

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