Java Programming: Part II

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Covers inheritance, collections, enums, exception handling, auto boxing and basic IO via the keyboard and console. Prerequisites: ITSE 1070 Java Programming: Part I. Students must be familiar with Object Oriented Programming and terminology before taking this course. Prerequisites: ITSE 1070 Java Programming: Part I. Required book for classroom class: The Java Tutorial: A Short Course on the Basics, Sharon Zakhour, Sowmya Kannan, Raymond Gallardo, 6th edition, ISBN 978-0134034089.

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Meet The Instructor

Judith Cannon

Judy Cannon earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Southwest Texas State University. She owns and operates AnsurWeb Services, a Website Design, Hosting and CGI Programming company. Judy is an experienced programmer and software trainer, and has programmed in Perl, CGI, HTML, Javascript, C-Language, Fortran, Embedded Postscript and OSF/MOTIF.

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July 5th - July 26th
4 Weeks Total
Course Instructor
2 Students Registered
23 Seats Available

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