Sustainable Orchard Production

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This course will introduce the basic concepts of fruit tree selection, planting and care as appropriate for Central Texas. Considerations for integrating fruit trees as part of your diversified operation or as the main production crop will be addressed. Topics include site selection, variety considerations, harvest and post-harvest handling, pest management, pruning and training. Emphasis will be placed on organic production methods.

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Meet The Instructor

Russell A. Montgomery

Russell is an enthusiastic Texan excited to cultivate new leaders in agriculture and horticulture in this beautiful state. His passion for plants, and for supporting those who cultivate plants, keep pace with one another. Russell holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics, and has extensive experience in agriculture and horticulture from large-scale cattle operations; to dynamic organic vegetable production in Central Texas at Tecolote Farm and JBG; to happily serving Austin's DIY landscapers and gardeners at The Natural Gardener; to educating and engaging youth at Green Gate Farms' summer camp, teaching Organic Gardening classes with the Sustainable Food Center, and formerly as Treefolks' Urban Orchard Coordinator.

You'll likely find him in or around a garden or orchard, halfway submerged in fresh water, surrounded by trees, supporting people with their endeavors; or not find him at all as he enjoys escaping into Austin's many green spaces.

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Jun 3rd - Jul 22nd
8 Weeks Total
M @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
24.00 Total Hours
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