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ACC's STEM camp program can help fill your child's summer break with fun and engaging learning opportunities. STEM camps offer a variety of interesting science, technology, engineering, and math activities designed to keep young brains entertained and stimulated throughout the summer.

Game Worlds

For the 3rd consecutive year, ACC is partnering with Game Worlds to provide Video Game Camps. Each camp is one week long and you can find the schedule and registration information here. Lunch, snacks and a Friday night pizza party are all included.

Video games are fun to play, but how fun would it be to actually learn how to create the software to make your own? ACC partners with Game Worlds to offer camps where kids ages 10-18 learn video game skills in programming, art, design, audio, and even business development for the budding video game entrepreneur.

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Parents and guardians, please print, fill out, and turn in this release form the beginning of the first day of the class. For Game Worlds information please contact Maria Coleman.

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Game Worlds Video Game Camp

Do you spend all day dreaming up the next big video game? Want to know how to bring the creatures in your sketchbook to life? Love the feeling of cracking codes and saving the world? Then Game Worlds is the place for you! Game Worlds is a camp where kids ages 10-18 learn the skills needed to make their very own video games. At Game Worlds, real-world developers guide kids through a crash course into how games are made, and help students bring their vision to life through practical skills such as programming, design, testing, business, writing, audio engineering, and art.

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