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Course Schedule: Spring 2023 Continuing Education

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Dental Assistant

**May Qualify for Financial Aid - Contact (512) 223-4636** 

Completed application (requiring proof of vaccinations, etc.) required prior to registering for this program/course. Applications are available at under course listing Dental Assisting Application. For additional information, you may contact the program coordinator at (512) 223-7090.

The courses listed in this section are part of the Dental Assisting Certificate Program. This program includes the following courses, and must be taken in order of listing:

Semester I:
DNTA 1011 Dental Science
DNTA 1013 Introduction to Emergency Management

Semester II:
DNTA 1015 Chairside Assisting
DNTA 1005 Dental Radiology
DNTA 1060 Clinical - Dental Assistant

Semester III:
DNTA 1052 Office Management & Procedures
DNTA 1064 Practicum Dental Assistant

Completion of this program prepares the student for entry-level practice as a chairside Dental Assistant in a dental practice, and includes preparation for the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners certification in radiology. Registration for any of these courses requires admission to the Dental Assisting Program. Once the application is approved, registration is still required in order to get a seat in first semester courses; it is recommended that students register as early as possible on the first day of summer semester registration as classes fill quickly.

DNTA 1011 Dental Science
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
11 [ 5/16 ]60468 210  DLSDILDLS DIL Th1/19/20235/11/202310:00AM01:00PM Directory Patterson, Jasmine M
DLSDILDLSDILTh  5/11/2023 5/11/202301:00PM 05:00PM Directory Patterson, Jasmine M
DNTA 1013 Emergency Management
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
1 [ 5/6 ]60447 210  HYDDILHYD DIL 1/17/20233/7/2023 Directory Patterson, Jasmine M
LecDILHLC22236 3/21/2023 3/21/202309:00AM 05:00PM Directory Atocha, Pilar E
DNTA 1052 Dental Office Management and Procedures For Dental Assistant
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
3 [ 3/6 ]60444 210  DLSDILDLS DIL S1/21/20231/28/202309:00AM05:00PM Directory Galvan, Victoria
DNTA 1064 Practicum - Dental Assistant
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
10 [ 0/10 ]60446 200  PraPIC  MTWThF1/30/20235/12/202307:00AM06:00PM Directory Galvan, Victoria

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