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ACC Continuing Education, bringing COLLEGE and COMMUNITY resources together to provide quality, practical educational services which:

  • Respond to business and workforce development efforts
  • Provide traditional and interactive meeting and training
  • Help fulfill the career and personal aspirations of our citizens
  • Support employer training needs
  • Deliver contract courses to business and industry

The Workforce Development Center is designed to provide a wide range of training and educational opportunities for individuals getting started in the workplace, furthering their current careers, or working to meet licensure/certification requirements. The Center is made up of three Institutes that cover a wide range of industries.

Applied Technology & Trades

Applied Technology and Trades can provide you with the tools to succeed. Our programs cover areas such as mechanics, construction technology, aviation, truck driving, and welding. Each course series is designed to help you to build the knowledge and skills you will need to flourish in a rewarding profession.

Engineering & Emerging Tech

Innovation and contemporary advances in technology continue to open new pathways into engineering and other hi-tech careers. ACC helps position you to benefit from these progressive developments by offering courses designed to give you a competitive, knowledge-based advantage in the workforce. We pay attention to converging technologies so that we can offer you the means to excel as these opportunities become economically viable.

Business Training

The pathway to success in business depends heavily on knowledge. Our programs are open to all individuals who are seeking to improve their career and personal opportunities. Choose from a wide variety of professional and business options. Some courses may have prerequisites or special requirements.

Computer & Technology

The world of information technology is fast-moving and ever changing. Our programs are custom designed to provide you with both the core knowledge that you need plus the specific courses you want. So whether you are pursuing a technical certification, continuing professional education, or simply desire to add to your personal knowledge base, we have a curriculum to suit you.

Health Professions

Austin Community College launched the health professions area in April of 2000 to provide training for individuals beginning their career in the industry and also to provide development opportunities for current professionals. Today, we offer a wide range of entry-level and continuing education programs for nurses, emergency medical personnel, long-term care administrators, dental professionals, licensed chemical dependency counselors and other important healthcare professionals.

Teaching & Learning

Our goal is simple: to promote a positive difference in the lives of parents, students and teachers as they strive for success. We offer a variety of program options including specialties such as child care training, teacher certification, and parenting, among many others. Our coursework is purposefully designed to empower individuals throughout the life-long process of education.

Community Partnerships

Our goal is simple: to help people in our community achieve the success they desire. ACC works with a variety of non-profit organizations to develop training opportunities for individuals who need assistance in obtaining basic job skills. Our partners are compassionate, caring, and share our vision of providing quality training that will prepare you for a new and bright future.

Youth Programs

ACC's STEM camp program can help fill your child's summer break with fun and engaging learning opportunities. STEM camps offer a variety of interesting science, technology, engineering, and math activities designed to keep young brains entertained and stimulated throughout the summer.

Lifelong learning over a wide range of areas, ranging from interior design, floral design, and landscape design to kayaking and trail riding. The Home and Garden courses are award winning and have all the elements for hands-on, practical training. Offerings change as the needs and interests of the community change.

Maintaining a talented and productive workforce in a growing local economy requires a commitment to employee development. ACC meets the training needs of your business by partnering with you to tailor a custom learning curriculum that can be delivered on-site to your employees. Our programs are current, convenient, and highly effective.

Technical Skills

Applied Technology and Trades can provide you with the tools to succeed. Our programs cover areas such as mechanics, construction technology, aviation, truck driving, and welding. Each course series is designed to help you to build the knowledge and skills you will need to flourish in a rewarding profession.

Workplace Competencies

Workplace Competencies includes the spectrum of core business skills required to function effectively within any twenty-first century work environment. ACC has organized coursework around these core requirements and builds custom curriculum to ensure that your workforce is equipped to meet the daily challenges of your unique business environment.

Personal Effectiveness

The impact of a single employee on the efficiency of the total workforce can be difficult to measure. However, you can ensure that productivity is positively impacted by increasing the personal effectiveness of each member of your workplace team through a series of customized courses specifically designed to shape employee performance.

Global Learning Institute

Our Global Learning curriculum relates directly to home country areas of study and expands students' knowledge of regional and national history and current events with special attention to cultural awareness and social adaptation. This combination creates a customized learning opportunity across school specific interests within the Greater Austin area that is broad in scope, but targeted in delivery.


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The Austin Community College Continuing Education Division develops and delivers innovative and accessible programs to meet the vocational, avocational and professional development needs of individuals and businesses in the Central Texas region.

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