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Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship

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Sustainable Agriculture: The Responsible Choice

Sustainable agriculture is the ecological choice of the future as farmers strive toward the necessary sound land stewardship that will protect the food supply for future generations. Austin Community College is proud to offer a variety of courses through our Elgin Campus for students eager to obtain training in organic food production methods and agricultural business skills.

Obtain the Skills the Market Needs Now

ACC's Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program focuses on ecological farming, quality of life and farm profitability. Instructors are local farmers and experts in the field. Students will gain skills in crop planning and production, equipment operation, livestock diversification, soil health, marketing, and financial planning. Students will learn practices for building biodiversity as well as techniques for dealing with pests and disease without the use of harsh chemicals.

Our program is designed to equip students with the technical farming training and business skills required to run a financially viable and ecologically friendly agricultural business. Students will additionally be prepared for beginning occupations in ecological farm management, local food policy or advocacy organizations, produce management, school garden management, or related fields.

The Future of Agriculture is at ACC

ACC's Elgin Campus is home for our Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship program and houses a farm for true hands on experience. More courses will be offered soon, such as small farm business planning and farm and ranch equipment, to name just a few. For more information on this unique and exciting program, please contact our program coordinator today.

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AGMG-1049 Farm and Ranch Equipment

AGME 1015 Farm and Ranch Shop Skills I

AGMG-1091 Small Farm Business Planning

AGAH-1091 Sustainable Livestock Management

AGCR-1094 Fruit Tree Production for Central Texas

AGCR-1041 Forage and Pasture Management

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