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Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Agriculture: The Responsible Choice

Sustainable agriculture is the ecological choice of the future as farmers strive toward the necessary sound land stewardship that will protect the food supply for future generations. Austin Community College is proud to offer a variety of courses through our Elgin Campus for students eager to obtain training in organic food production methods and agricultural business skills.

Obtain the Skills the Market Needs Now

ACC's Sustainable Agriculture Program offers courses that focus on ecological farming, quality of life and farm profitability. Our courses are designed to provide production and business skills training to anyone interested in pursuing a career in sustainable agriculture. Beginning farmers will find instruction form seed starting and equipment repair, to cash flow planning relevant towards their entrepreneurial goals. For students interested in a career other than farming, these courses will further their understanding of sustainable agriculture and may clarify what role they can contribute as future plant breeders, agricultural engineers, garden educators or policy advocates.

The Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship certificate program is designed to be a multi-faceted training for aspiring farmers and students interested in related careers. Students will be exposed to all aspects of small-scale organic vegetable production and business practices. Courses range from foundational principles in soil science to marketing and will provide hands on farming time on the campus farm to cultivate a working knowledge of ecological farming practices and the seasonal processes of ecological farming.

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Your Road Map To Success

The Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Certificate Track is comprised of 7 required courses and 2 electives:

Introductory Courses

AGMG-1070 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

HALT-1005 Introduction to Soil

HALT-2021 Small Scale Farming

Intermediate Courses

AGME-1071 Farm and Ranch Equipment, or...

AGME-1072 Farm and Ranch Shop Skills

AGCR-1070 Integrated Pest Management

Advanced Courses

AGMG-1071 Marketing for the Small Farm

AGMG-1072 Small Farm Business Planning


AGCR-1071 Sustainable Orchard Production

AGCR-1041 Forage and Pasture Management

AGAH-1070 Sustainable Livestock Management

AGME-1072 Farm and Ranch Shop Skills, or...

AGME-1071 Farm and Ranch Equipment

AGMG-1073 Enterprise Project - Independent Study

Related Courses

HALX-3014 Intro Practical Mycology

HALX-4008 Farm Greenhouse Management

AGCX-3003 Introduction to Beekeeping

AGCX-3004 Intermediate Beekeeping

AGCX-3005 Small Scale Farming Internship

AGCX-3006 Advanced Beekeeping: Extractions

AGCX-3007 Spring Flower Production

AGCX-3008 Small Farmer Value Added Workshop

AGAH-1097 Sustainable Goat Management

AGCR-1092 Irrigation for Sustainable Agriculture

AGCR-1094 Crops Science for Organic Agriculture

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