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Are You Passionate About Animals?

This program would be useful for a student wanting to work in an animal kennel or shelter. This program will also assist individuals wanting to learn more about caring for their own pets. Animal care and service workers provide care for animals. They feed, groom, bathe, and exercise pets and other nonfarm animals. Job tasks vary by position and place of work.

Knowledge & Skills Training

This program prepares you to safely perform basic tasks including feeding, watering, bathing, restraining, moving and exercising animals in a shelter, kennel or veterinarian’s office. A certificate of completion is issued at the completion of the course.

Get Started Now!

If you have a high school diploma, GED, or college transcript, good oral and written communication skills, no criminal record, are at least eighteen (18) years of age, and desire to become an Animal Caretaker, then:

STEP 1: Print the application from this webpage and begin the checklist.

STEP 2: Once completed, contact the program coordinator to schedule an orientation visit to discuss your program plans and create your student file.

Program Information

Estimated Tuition
Time Commitment
6 Weeks
5.3 Hours / Week
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Contact Information

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Send a message to the program coordinator and they will keep you up to date regarding this program.

Animal Caretaker Classes

VTHT-1091 Canine & Feline Care and Husbandry

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