Customer Service Representative

There's A Job Waiting For You

Be a customer service star in a fast-growing field!

A high demand for contact center professionals in IT, healthcare, retail, and insurance services means there are abundant opportunities for people with the right skills. This 2-week certificate program provides the training and experience you need to qualify for Customer Service / Contact Center openings in the city and across Central Texas.

Knowledge & Skills Training

  • Business Concepts and Experience: Contact Center 101
  • Personal Job Accountability and Time Management
  • Effective Communications
  • Multitasking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Ethics for Contact Center Professionals

You will be introduced to the most critical skills for Customer Service / Contact Center professionals. You'll also get hands-on experience in call center operations by using an "in the cloud" simulation platform. Two field trips/tours are provided at the end of the program to observe and experience the customer service environment at local companies.

Get Started Now!

Contact the program coordinator to get set up for enrollment and schedule an orientation. Prerequisites: Age 18 or above, High school diploma, GED or college transcript, Good oral/written communication skills, Computer experience, No criminal record.

Program Information

Estimated Tuition
Time Commitment
17 Days
6 Hours / Week

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Career Information ( View Data )

Average Income w/ Experience
$14 - $16 / Hour

Contact Information

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Program Coordinator
512-223-1790 Ext. 22152

Students with Disabilities

Customer Service Representative Courses

If the following course sections are unavailable, contact the Program Coordinator for upcoming scheduling information.

MRKG-1000 Customer Service

BMGT-1005 Communications in Management

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