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If you want to learn English, Austin Community College Continuing Education Community Programs has just the program for you. We offer English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training for all non-English speaking members of the local community and International Student for the same base price. ACC combines in-class instruction with excellent teachers and cultural assimilation activities to create a learning environment conducive to rapid language acquisition.

Your Building Blocks to Success

Getting started is an easy process. Follow the steps below:

  1. View the ESOL Road Map
  2. Make Assessment Test Appointment
  3. Take Assessment Test / Receive scores
  4. Meet with ESOL Faculty Advisor

New students are required to complete an "Assessment Test" before registering for any ESOL classes. To schedule your Assessment Test appointment contact an assessment office on campus or call (512) 223-7451; otherwise, you will not be eligible to register. Former ESOL students register for the specific classes that you were approved to take through the ESOL Department.

Important: We will not allow students to register for classes not approved by ESOL Advisors or tested for. Former ESOL students register for the specific classes that you were approved to take through the ESOL Department. View information about receiving college-credit for your ESOL classes.

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Your Road Map To Success

Oral Communication

COMX-4001: Oral Communication 1

COMX-4002: Oral Communication 2

COMX-4003: Oral Communication 3

COMX-4004: Oral Communication 4

COMX-4009: American English Pronunciation: Advanced

Reading & Vocabulary

COMX-4011: Reading & Vocabulary 1

COMX-4012: Reading & Vocabulary 2

COMX-4013: Reading & Vocabulary 3

COMX-4014: Reading & Vocabulary 4


COMX-4071: Writing 1

COMX-4072: Writing 2

COMX-4073: Writing 3

COMX-4074: Writing 4


BSKX-3063: TOEFL Preparation Course


COMX-4095: Grammar 1

COMX-4096: Grammar 2

COMX-4097: Grammar 3

COMX-4098: Grammar 4

COMX-3093: Intensive Grammar for Non-Native Speaker

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