International Business

Graduation Cap
Successful Graduates may be Certified as:
Certified Global Business Prof. & U.S. Customs Brokers

Explore the World of International Business

The expanding international business horizon continues to create both opportunities and challenges that require fresh skills and broad global knowledge. ACC's International Business curriculum can provide you with the essential tools you need to succeed in this highly dynamic environment. Whether you are currently employed in the field of international business, have completed college-level work in another field, or simply desire to acquire specialized knowledge in international trade to fulfill your personal aspirations, our continuing education courses are an excellent choice for obtaining the fundamental business competencies required to thrive in the global economy.

Compete on the World Stage!

Business competition at the global level is diverse and intense. ACC's International Business Institute has courses and seminars specifically designed to prepare our students with the skills required to compete and win in the worldwide marketplace. As a cross-disciplinary program, our students learn to adapt to cultural diversity and to manage resources globally, while increasing their international IQ. Our faculty of business experts is dedicated to combining theory with real-life industry knowledge to enhance each student's employability and to promote international business success.

Career Opportunities

Careers in International Business include export analysts, import customs brokers, global sourcing and purchasing, international logistics and supply chain specialists, international marketing, and global business management. Texas has been led the nation in international trade for the past fourteen years, with over 40 thousand Texas companies creating over 1 million jobs based on Texas' International Trade efforts.

Step up to the Global Challenge!

Contact a program coordinator to help answer your questions. The Austin, Texas business community is at the very heart of the worldwide marketplace. Prepare today to be a productive member of the global economy of the future!

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$250 / Course
Time Commitment
16 Weeks
3 Hours / Week

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International Business Courses

U.S. Customs Brokers Exam

IBUS-1002 Principles of Imports

IBUS-2035 International Business Law

Additional Course Offerings

IBUS-1005 Introduction to International Business and Trade

IBUS-2032 Global Business Simulation

IBUS-2045 Import Customs Regulations

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