Horticulture & Landscape Design

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From Trees to Turf, Flowers to Fruit, Learn to Integrate with Nature's Design

The ACC horticulture and landscape design program aims to educate students in Central Texas in a accordance with the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association and Master Gardener principles. We are a community focused an all encompassing program that aims to prepare students for a career in any and all aspects of landscape design and horticulture. In addition we offer continuing education opportunities for professionals already working in various areas of these industries.

Our program is comprised of several courses which provide educational opportunities for industry professionals, home owners and individuals interested in a career. Courses revolve around landscape design, working with and caring for plants, sustainable practices and many other aspect of green living through the use of plants.

Available Horticulture and Landscape Certificates

  • Landscape Designer
  • Landscape Maintenance & Construction Professional
  • Plant Nursery Professional
  • Interiorscape Technician

Individual Courses

Looking to learn more about plants but do not want to complete a certificate program? No problem, just come join us for a class or two. Learn how to overcome the challenges of the Central Texas garden environment, discover the benefits of landscaping with Native Texas Plants, learn to create your own "green acres" and more.

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Horticulture & Landscape Design Classes

Important Student Information

Please Note: Not all classes are offered every semester. Click on individual course titles below for additional information.

Courses By Semester

Our current course schedule varies by semester. Please view the current course offerings for this, and upcoming semesters.

Landscape Maintenance & Construction Pro

AGCR-1072 General Botany for Landscape Design & Horticulture

HALT-1075 Plants of Central Texas

HALT-1079 Grass, Ground Cover, Perennial Ornamentals
(formerly Woody Ornamentals and Turf Management)

HALT-1072 Introduction To Landscape Graphics

HALX-5033 Irrigation Design in 8 steps

HALT-1019 Landscape Construction

HALT-1051 Landscape Business Operations

HALT-2070 Capstone Project- Independent Study

HALT-1078 Integrated Pest Management, OR...

AGCR-1070 Integrated Pest Management

Landscape Designer

AGCR-1072 General Botany for Landscape Design & Horticulture

HALT-1075 Plants of Central Texas

AGME-1070 Green Garden Management

HALT-1072 Introduction To Landscape Graphics

HALT-1071 Landscape Design

HALT-1019 Landscape Construction

HALT-1051 Landscape Business Operations

HALT-2031 Advanced Landscape Design

HALT-1073 History of Landscape Architecture Design

HALT-1074 Planting Design

HALT-1053 Landscape Computer Design

HALT-2070 Capstone Project - Independent Study

Additional classes can be found within our Home and Garden program area.

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