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Become a more e ective leader, manager, or supervisor through practical, skill-based learning in the Leadership and Management Series in the Greater Austin area. Grounded in the practical aspects of day-to-day management, the curriculum develops knowledge and skills useful to a position of influence, whether that be new, seasoned, or aspiring managers and leaders.

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In this ultra-competitive economy, managers and leaders need to understand contemporary management challenges stemming from changing organizational structures, complex environmental conditions, new technological developments, and increasingly diverse workforces. The Continuing Education Leadership and Management Series at ACC will prepare you to understand some of the critical issues involved in both managing and being managed and equip you to become more e ective contributors to organizations that you join or currently work in. Students will learn to:

  • Understand and identify management functions, theories, and decision-making processes
  • Design and manage change more e ectively in organizations
  • Build skills needed to communicate e ectively in a complex business environment
  • Define strategies and tactics needed to influence others and reach long-lasting, profitable agreements
  • Apply the concepts and skills of leadership in the work setting and organizations

This series highlights critical management issues involved in business negotiation, change management, organizational communication, managing and leading teams, sta , and organizations.

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Contact a program coordinator to help answer your questions. The Greater Austin Business Community has a bright future for you. Become a key member of tomorrow's workforce by preparing for leadership today!

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$396 - $500
Time Commitment
40 Hours
Hours Vary Per Week

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BMGT-1070 Leadership & Mgt Series

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