Digital Marketing

Why Facebook?

Austin Community College has partnered with Facebook to offer digital marketing courses. Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world with over a billion active monthly users. To succeed on Facebook, you need to understand how to drive users to your business and effectively use audience targeting to get the most out of your advertising budget. These courses will help small business owners and entry-level job seekers to be successful both today and tomorrow in digital marketing.

Last September, we announced that Austin Community College had partnered with Facebook to create a new digital marketing certificate program. We've spent the last year collaborating on the curriculum. We are excited to announce that enrollment for the program is now open and classes start on Oct 14th!

Facebook has also created a scholarship fund to give even more students the opportunity to participate! What that means for you - the first fifty students will receive a $600.00 tuition subsidy, and pay only $255.00 per course!

Are you Using Social Media?

Currently there are over three billion social media users around the world, and the number is growing. Over 50% of all marketing expenditure in the US goes to digital marketing - and this number continues to climb. Consumers increasingly spend time on social media platforms, almost all their business activities are centered online, and it is becoming more important than ever to know how to navigate and communicate through social media. Developing an effective digital marketing growth plan is essential for every organization and business.

Learn the Skills to Succeed

Learn how to identify what works best for your audience, how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign, and how to gain the exposure needed to grow your business.

  • Assess customer needs and utilize social media
  • Search engine marketing
  • Display advertising, content marketing, content creation, and email
  • Develop high-performing Digital marketing plans
  • Run a Facebook social media campaign

Take the Next Step!

Sign up today and learn how to create a social media strategy that achieves your goals and get hands-on experience creating a paid Facebook Ad Campaign. The cost of each course is $856.00 but upon successful completion, the first fifty students will receive a $600.00 tuition subsidy per course.

Have questions? Contact our program coordinator for further assistance.

Program Information

Estimated Tuition
$855 / Course
Time Commitment
48 Hrs - 6 Weeks
Hours Vary / Week

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Digital Marketing Courses

MRKG-1011 Social Media Marketing

MRKG-2012 Facebook Digital Marketing

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