Overwhelmed by Marketing Your Business? Start Here!

The internet, marketing books and newsletters have so many ideas for marketing - but you have so little time! Cut through the clutter and get professional, customized advice in a consultative environment. Find out how marketing really works, and develop realistic, practical strategies to promote your enterprise and gain visibility. These courses demystify the process of marketing, from customer needs and business planning through advertising and customer relationships. Whether your business is established or brand new, these workshops can help you get started on a new marketing plan.

Your Business is Personal

You started your business for a reason. You filled a need, you followed your passion, or somebody thought it was a great idea. Every business is different, and every owner has different strengths. Through discussion and step-by-step activities, we will evaluate your current situation, help you define your product, identify your ideal customer audience, and prioritize your next steps. Class participation is highly encouraged!

Find Out How To:

  • Understand and clarify your business and brand value.
  • Find the right customers for your business.
  • Evaluate and assess your most pressing needs.
  • Apply the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, and relationship-building.
  • Refine strategies and tactics for reaching your audience.
  • Develop an action plan.

Program Information

Estimated Tuition
$190 - $230
Time Commitment
3 Weeks
6 Hours / Week

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MRKG-1091 Marketing for Small Business

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