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As the U.S. population continues to age, there is a growing need for those who are committed to the care of the elderly. The Austin Community College Certified Nurse Aide program has been created to help meet this pressing need. We are committed to educating entry-level nursing assistants by helping them achieve the level of knowledge, skills and abilities required to provide the basic care required by residents of long term care facilities.

Your Building Blocks to Success

This program covers a range of important skills including residents' rights, communication, observation, reporting, and assisting residents by helping them maintain basic comfort and safety. There is a strong emphasis on helping program participants learn to become an important member of the total health care team. It includes:

  • 100 course hours that may be completed in 7 weeks (Fast-track option)
  • One primary course
  • Clinical sessions providing direct patient care experience

Get Started Now!

If you are proficient in English (reading, writing, and speaking skills), and have a clean criminal record, then contact our program coordinator to get started. You should also download the application from this page and submit it to the Austin Community College Continuing Education registration office. In a short time, you can begin making an important difference in the lives of the Greater Austin elderly community.

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5-10 Weeks
10-40 Hours / Week
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Download The Program
Available in PDF Format

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Your Road Map To Success

The pathway for this profession includes several building blocks. Choose an entry-level track, a career as a registered nurse, or from among many continuing education options to further your current professional pursuits.

Two classes are required or Nurse Aide Certification. They are to be taken concurrently. The section number, which is a 3 digit number, following the class code must be the same for both classroom and clinical. The class codes are NURA-1001 (60 hours of Classroom/Lab), and NURA-1060 (48 hours of clinical practice), under Instructor supervision, in an approved health facility.

Career Pathways:

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