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Renew your Nursing Career!

If you are a licensed nurse who has been away from the clinical settings and seeking to have your Texas license reinstated, or have moved from another state and are in need of Texas licensing requirements, we can help! The Nursing Refresher Course for RN's and LVN's, has a refresher course that meets the BON requirements, which include:

  • Full Review of the Texas Nurse Practice Act
  • Determination of the Individual Scope Practice
  • A Comprehensive Review of the Nursing Process
  • A Comprehensive Pharmacology Review
  • Medication Administration
  • Documentation, Quality Assurance, and Legal Implications for Nursing Practice

A Straightforward Program

All of the above requirements takes place within a 128 hour online course, totaling one semester. We also offer a condensed Nursing Skills Review course, which takes place over two consecutive Saturday's (16 total hours). Please note that this Nursing Skills Course is mandatory for all students in the ACC service district.

Important Information - The BON requires 80 documented hours of supervised, hands on clinical practice, which may be completed up to one year after the online course completion date. Students are responsible for arranging the completing of their clinical experience at an appropriate healthcare facility. The BON provides and extensive orientation which directs students on how to follow a process to secure their own clinical experience. ACC will provide assistance, as requested.

Get Started Now!

If you're ready to get started on the road to reinstating your nursing license, download and complete the preregistration questionnaire. The pathway to reinstatement is clear. Let ACC help you meet this important professional milestone today!

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1 Semester
8 - 16 Hours / Week

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Nurse Re-Entry / Refresher Courses

RN Series

RNSG-1006 Re-entry Nursing Update

RNSG-2022 Nursing Skills Review

LVN Series

VNSG-2033 LVN Refresher Theory

RNSG-2022 Nursing Skills Review

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