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What a Rewarding Career!

Do you love animals? Then consider the emerging need for Veterinary Clinical Assistants in private clinics, laboratories, animal hospitals and shelters, zoos, boarding kennels, and rescue leagues across the Greater Austin area. As Austin's population continues to expand, the number of pets is growing and creating an urgent need for caring and qualified veterinary clinical assistants.

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Your Building Blocks to Success

The Austin Community College Veterinary Assistant program focuses on the skills required of back office and front office assistants with lab and practicum experiences in a variety of clinical settings. This 504 hour program can be complete in approximately one year. It includes:

  • Basic patient evaluations
  • Techniques for managing animals during clinical visits
  • Preparation for and assistance with surgical procedures

By combining hands on learning with student clinic work, this program will prepare you to launch a new career as a warm and caring Veterinary Assistant.

Get Started Now!

The next Veterinary Clinical Assistant Program will start in the Fall and Spring of each year. Get your application in now as seats are limited. More information can be found here.

If you have a high school diploma/GED, a proficiency in English (reading, writing, and speaking skills), are at least eighteen (18) years of age, and have a clean criminal record, you must complete the "Orientation to Veterinary Medicine" class online, then contact our program coordinator to get started. You should also download the application from this page and submit it to the Austin Community College Continuing Education registration office. In a short time, you can begin on your new path to a satisfying career as a Veterinary Clinical Assistant.

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10-12 Months
10-20 Hours / Week

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Veterinary Clinical Assistant Classes

Graduates of this program may become a Certified Veterinary Assistant. This program also articulates with the Veterinary Technology program at ACC. Contact the program coordinator for details.

Career Pathways:

This program includes:

  • Front and back office skills
  • Animal management techniques
  • Preparation to assist with surgical procedures


VTHT-1008 Orientation to Vet Medicine

Semester I

VTHT-1001 Intro to Vet Technology

VTHT-1013 Vet Anatomy & Physiology

VTHT-1009 Vet Nutrition

VTHT-1049 Vet Pharmacology

Semester III

VTHT-1066 Practicum: Vet Assistant

View a list of related courses and descriptions for this program.

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A Testimonial From Elsa Kohlbus -
"As a professional in the animal health and welfare field, I feel lucky to have gone through the ACC Veterinary Assistant Program. The classes are well rounded, challenging and impeccably taught. The importance of hands-on learning in this field is huge, and this program offered up many opportunities to learn things by jumping in and doing them. I could not have asked for better preparation for my career as a veterinary assistant and clinic supervisor. As part of the program, I was able to make connections with veterinary professionals in the Austin area which have been instrumental in my professional development. The ACC VAP has been a great benefit to me and is a great asset to our veterinary community. I am proud to have been a part of it."
A Testimonial From Stephanie Chaney -
"I've been in the field of veterinary medicine for almost 5 years and I completed the ACC veterinary assistant program in 2014. My education has had a significant impact on my career and my current place of employment. The classes are well taught and I have had the chance to apply everything I've learned. I've had the opportunity to help open a practice with a wonderful doctor and staff in Pflugerville. Due to my educational background and dedication I am now working as a surgical technician and excel in client education. I've had the chance to connect with other professionals in the field and I've had opportunities to attend many events and seminars to further my education. I am so glad I made the decision to be apart of this program and I strongly encourage others with an interest in the veterinary field to pursue their education with ACC."
A Testimonial From Diana Murillo -
"I've been in the field of veterinary medicine for almost 3 years and completed the ACC veterinary assistant program in 2013. This program has offered me a substantial amount of animal education that is very useful in my everyday field of work. These individual courses are very well planned and offer plenty of hands-on experience. The training I received from ACC in combination with my current position, I have been able to work/assist with a variety of animals including coatis, wolves, horses, goats, dogs, and cats etc. I'm very satisfied that I made the decision to join ACC VAP, because with the skills I've acquired I am now working as a small/large animal veterinary technician. I highly suggest anyone wanting to gain the knowledge of veterinary assisting to go through this program. I can't say enough how much I love my job, many thanks to the ACC veterinary assistant program."
A Testimonial From Vanessa Martinez -
"I have been working in the veterinary field for about 5 years and completed the veterinary assistant program In 2012. The veterinary assistant program has influenced my career a lot; I learned hands-on how to better my technical skills and client care specialist skills. I can't imagine doing anything else--becoming a veterinary assistant is the best choice I've made!"
A Testimonial From D'via Martin -
"This is a great program to get you started in the Veterinary Field. You will learn all the essentials from some wonderful LVT's to allow you to walk in any clinic and get a job. It's not just about puppy and kitten hugging, there is work involved but it's completely worth it, coming from someone who wanted to give up more than once, it's completely worth it. If this is something you want to do and you are serious about check it out."


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