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Why Python?

Python is an interpreted high-level general purpose programming language. What does all of that mean? Simply that it is easy to learn and interpret, quick to program in, runnable without compiling, and able to do just about anything. You've heard of YouTube, right? Runs partially on Python. Pinterest and Instagram? Uses Django (which is a Python framework). Dropbox? Python. Survey Monkey? Python. We could keep continuing on for a while simply because it is a popular and widely used language.

Join Us!

Join us in learning about what is arguably the best high level programing language there is. Austin Community College will work with you on getting you set up for success during our 6 week long evening classes. We offer both Introduction to Python and Intermediate Python, depending on your level of expertise and experience. These classes will help prepare you for a start in a career of Python programming.

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6 Weeks
6 Hours/ Week
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Your Road Map To Success

ITSE-2079 Introduction to Python

ITSE-1042 Intermediate Python

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