PMP/CAPM Exam Prep

Course Code: BMGT-1040

Course Description

This 4 day, 36 hour, Saturday format course is a PMBOK Guide-oriented exam prep course taught by Hari Thummalapalli, emphasizing PMBOK Guide, 6th edition knowledge only, structured around the 10 knowledge areas of the PMBOK Guide, and focused on exactly what is necessary to pass the exams both concepts and exam tips. The course steps through the core concepts that are tested on the exams by quickly reviewing each concept and at the same time addressing what the student needs to know from an exam perspective. The format throughout the course is - lecture style to explain the key concepts needed for the exam, interactive QandA to ensure everyone understood the concepts, exam perspective for each concept, short 5-10 minute quizzes a few times a day, practice test questions for each knowledge area, and a final full-length 4 hour practice test. The course will start off with an overview of the PMP and CAPM Exams including how to apply, eligibility criteria, and scheduling the actual test. The class will then focus on definitions and formulas in addition to addressing all the processes and knowledge areas covered on the exam. Considerable practice and preparation outside of the class is necessary to successfully pass the PMP and CAPM exams. This course is strictly PMP and CAPM examination preparation. If you are looking for a course to learn Project Management, please look at our introductory and intermediate course offerings. Students that do not meet the experience criteria for taking the PMP exam are encouraged to prepare for the CAPM exam instead. This course focuses on the fundamental concepts from an exam perspective that are tested on both exams. Students should see for the PMP and CAPM examination requirements. Text Books: 'Guide to the PMBOK’, 6th Edition by Project Management Institute (PMI) and 'PMP Exam Prep', 9th Edition by Rita Mulcahy. Suggested prerequisite: None, but it will be very beneficial to have completed BMGT 1009- Applied Project Management, a process-oriented PM course, or equivalent. Otherwise, students will have to put in additional study time to make up for lack of prior Project Management training. Students who are uncertain about their preparedness for the PMP/CAPM Exam Prep course can schedule a brief 15-20 call with the course instructor Hari Thummalapalli before deciding if this is the right course for them. At least 12 months experience working on a project is very helpful to keep up with this fast paced course. Students should see for the PMI examination requirements.

2020 Spring Semester
Highland Campus
Feb 1st - Feb 22nd
S @ 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
8 Seats Avail.
Highland Campus
Apr 11th - May 2nd
S @ 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
15 Seats Avail.


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