Enterprise Project- Independent Study in Sustainable Agriculture

Course Code: AGMG-1073

Course Description

Using the Elgin Campus Student Farm as their lab, each student selects a micro enterprise project and works with an instructor to create a plan for their project. Students should choose a project suiting their agricultural business interests. An enterprise project allows students to explore a particular business, crop, or product idea and take it from concept to market utilizing their growing skills and knowledge. This educational opportunity encourages students to experiment with starting a business with little risk and challenges the student to make adaptations and gain independent managerial skills. Learning Outcomes Select a specific agricultural/horticultural crop, commodity, or product and develop an enterprise project using the resources (with instructor's consent). Explain the overall process of planning, implementing and managing a farm-based project. Describe the process of client relationship building. Conduct a self-evaluation identifying successes and failures during the project. Identify ways of improving time management, scheduling, purchasing supplies and materials, implementation and quality control.


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