Studio and Environmental Photography

Course Code: PHTC-1003
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Course Description

Do you want to know more about flash photography Portraits with strobe lighting, event and, senior or engagement photography will be covered. This course will touch on two main topics: 1. The Studio Portrait and 2. Environmental photography. We will learn how to use a flash meter, how to manage light modifiers (soft box, umbrellas etc.) and when and how to use each. We will also cover the technical and aesthetic strategies when balancing flash with available light. A Digital Single Lens Reflex camera with full manual mode and interchangeable lenses will work the best for this class. ACC owns a camera for in-class demonstration if you have yet to buy your own.

2020 Summer Semester
Highland Business Center
Jun 13th - Aug 8th
S @ 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
15 Seats Avail.


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